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Name: Jonathan Mark Foreman

Position: Lead Singer/Guitar/Harmonica

Birthday: October 22, 1976

Born in: San Bernardino, California

Married: Yes

Children: One Daughter

Favorite Movies: Dumb & Dumber

Influenced by: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jesus Christ


Fun Facts

-Jon rides his grandmother’s old bike.

-His favorite season is Fall

-Jon LOVES to play Tetris, especially on planes

-A lot of his song inspirations come from books or poems

-Jon, along with Tim, led worship for their youth group

-In high school, Jon went to New Zealand as an exchange student.

-He can successfully jump over a car.

-Jon had to wear head gear in middle school

-He tends to overuse sarcasm…..nooo, really?

-Jon says he is most like David from the Bible

-Jon thinks the cartoon character he’s most like is Goofy

-When at home in California, Jon likes to eat at Filibertos

-He has contributed to many books such as “Be the Change” and “New Way to be Human.”

-On his 24th birthday, Jon broke his wrist while skateboarding and trying to impress a girl named Emily, who would later become his wife. (This story is also the inspiration for “Twenty-Four”)

-Jon’s favorite pet was an old rabbit named Cottontail

-In high school, Jon and Tim were in a band called ETC. 1000 copies of their record were made and are still available, floating around somewhere in the Switchfoot community. Due to the high demand from fans, Jon once considered re-releasing the album, but the idea fell after reviewing the track quality of the bedroom-recorded album.

-Jon hates bologna.

-Before moving to San Diego, Jon grew up in Boston and Norfolk.


On October 22, 1976, in San Bernardino, CA, Mark and Jan Foreman gave birth to a baby boy named Jon. Throughout his childhood, Jon lived in Boston, MA, Norfolk, VA, and San Diego, CA.

His father, Mark, recalls bringing Jon and his brother Tim home one day when they were young, and telling them about how Jesus Christ had made him a better person. Jon told his father “I want that too!”. Wanting to wait until he fully understood what it meant to let Christ into your heart, his father told him that he would eventually. Relentless and antsy, Jon screamed, “No! I want it now!”

Later that day, Jon’s dad found him praying, asking Jesus Christ to come into his heart.

Throughout his childhood, Jon Foreman showed no signs of shyness; From sneaking in and marching with a parade at an early age to singing at Disneyland for the first time. In fact, his dream was to be a pro soccer player. During Middle School, Jon’s best friend, Todd Cooper,  taught him to play the guitar. Soon after that, Jon taught his own brother Tim to play the bass. While playing in many high school bands with his brother Tim, Jon also managed almost daily surfing and competitions. As his most famous high school band ETC disbanded, Jon moved onto college, majoring in Economics at UCSD and forming a band called Chin Up with Tim and his high school swim-team friend Chad Butler. “Chin Up” was signed to a small indie label called Re:think, when Jon dropped out of college to pursue music. Chin Up was changed to Switchfoot and their first album was released, entitled “The Legend of Chin.”

In 2002, Jon married his wife, Emily Masen. (Her sister, Sarah Masen, has contributed vocals to a number of Jon’s songs, most known on “House of God Forever”).

By 2007, Switchfoot had become very well known all over the world, specifically with their multi-platinum release of The Beautiful Letdown. Jon had written songs that “don’t fit with the Switchfoot sound”, to which he released in a side project originally called “The Real SeanJon”, with Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek. The two changed the name to “Fiction Family”, and in 2009, their debut album was released. Fiction Family continues to make/record/play music all over the world.

As a Christmas present, Jon’s wife, Emily, asked him to make her a worship record. That sparked the idea of Jon’s solo EPs & album. Jon confirmed in September 2011 that another solo project will be coming soon.

In early 2012, Emily gave birth to a young baby girl. Jon has not released her name yet.

Jon Foreman plays the keyboard, guitar, drums, trumpet, piano, harmonica, and bass guitar. He’s sang with numerous other bands such as Relient K (“Deathbed”).  He has also contributed to books and frequently writes for the Huffington Post. Most of the time, Jon tries to write one song per day.

Jon, Emily, and their daughter live in Cardiff by the Sea, a small suburb near San Diego, California. While not on tour, he enjoys surfing, charity events, recording/writing music, and spending time with his wife and daughter.

(Check out the full biography video of Jon in the super deluxe edition of Vice Verses)

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