Fading West

  During the Facebook Hurley Takeover on September 27, 2011, (Vice Verses release day), in Oneonta, NY, Switchfoot wrote the following:  
All the unreleased songs will see the light of day eventually… we are really excited about working on the soundtrack for our next project which will be a film called Fading West.
Our friend Jeanna from Land of Broken Hearts talked in detail to Chad about it two days later, and this is what she found out:
  1. The movie is called “Fading West” and it will feature the Switchfoot guys.
  2. It’s not really a documentary – Chad described it by saying it was right in between “Endless Summer” and “Rattle & Hum”
  3. The movie will follow the guys around the world during the course of several months, following their touring, their surfing, etc.
  4. The guys are hoping to write and record new songs in each location that they visit.
  5. They’ll also be writing the soundtrack. Chad thinks that will be a mix of songs with words and songs with just music.
  6. Chad estimates the movie won’t release for about 2 more years.
  The track "Fading West" was originally set to be a bonus track on Vice Verses. It was shipped out in the original early press copies, and leaks have been found. Please keep away, as the song is illegal, watermarked, and traceable. An early demo version of "Fading West" can be found during the credits of the 2008 movie Highwater - although it's somewhat difficult to hear as interviews are playing during the song. The movie also features a demo of "Red Eyes" and a special Jon version (not Fiction Family) of "We Ride." On January 23, 2012, Tim Foreman tweeted the following: A week later, (Feb 2, 2012), Jon posted a photo on the daily foot: The snapshot was captioned "Fading West @ Home Sweet Home" - this is believed to be the beginning of filming for Fading West. Switchfoot filmed footage for the movie during their 2012 Australian Tour, and some fans claim being interviewed by the film crew. During an interview with May The Rock Be With You, in the midst of discussing Australia and Vice Verses, Tim revealed more details on the movie:
And as far as the music component, you will be writing new music I assume, have you started that aspect of the documentary yet? Tim – Yes, the concept of the movie is basically what we live.  We are always writing, always touring and always surfing, so we will be just diving into the journey as it unfolds. 15 years you guys have been together, so what led to you starting this project now? Tim – We’ve been talking about doing this for years now and it came to the point where we were finally like, are we going to do this thing or not?  If so, let’s make it happen.
The band is currently out on tour, filming for the movie at each stop.

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